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What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. If you bought your belt at Etsy, message us through our Etsy shop and we will have you ship the buckleless belt back to us at 912# 4 Ponselle Ln, Capitola, CA 95010. We will issue a refund your purchase price when we receive it back in good condition. 

If you bought your belt at on our site or at a popup shop run by us then follow the same procedure with an email to

If you bought your belt through a store then please contact the store to find out their policy. 

What is your exchange policy if I order the wrong size?

We happily except exchanges. Just contact us by email: Tell us what size buckleless belt you prefer. Then follow our instructions to send the incorrect size back. We will ship the requested buckleless belt size to you when we receive it.


Alternately you can return the belt as instructed above and purchase the size you want. We will issue a refund your purchase price when we receive it. Our mailing address is: 912# 4 Ponselle Ln, Capitola, CA 95010. 

What is a buckleless belt?

It is a belt that attaches to the front loops of pant loops with hook or loop, snaps or other fasteners . It passes through the loops around the back of the pants and does not pass in front of the zipper. Elty belts come in sizes. We use hook and loop fasteners, not snaps, so that it can be easily adjusted at either front side. Snap versions come in one size that fits "most" and must be adjusted via a metal slide in the back.  Because there is no metal in our belt buckleless belt, it can be worn through airport or other security scanners. 

What is an ELTY Belt?

The ELTY is a buckleless metal-free belt that is comfortable, easy to adjust and makes you look better without having to endure a belt digging into your stomach or sticking out under shirts. 


What size should I order?

If you are between sizes, order the next size up. 


How wide is the ELTY belt?

-1.5 inches wide for standard width

2 inches for extra wide which are great if you want extra support


What colors/patterns are available?

- Our standard colors are black and white. Visit our ETSY store to see what other color options & patterns we have available. 


Why does my ELTY scratch me?

-It should not scratch if the hook and loop is lined up exactly with the other side and fastened securely to the belt.


When will my ELTY belt ship?

-We fulfill and ship our orders as soon as possible. We use First Class Priority Mail 3-5 business days.


What are ELTY belts made of?

-Elastic webbing with hook and loop fasteners.


Where can I buy an ELTY belt?

Euphoria Rio Mix Capitola, CA

-Online: Etsy, Verdant Trade, or


I have a store and I would like to carry the ELTY belt. What should I do?  

-Great! We’re always happy to find businesses who love our products! Drop us an email at and we can chat more about it.

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