Bill Ross 11:49 AM
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Janyne Synder

"Love these belts - my second order!! 🙂. I will never wear a stupid belt with a buckle again."  Dec 12, 2023

Zack Harris  

"This belt is amazing I'm a bigger guy and the traditional belt buckles would dig into me terribly. I'm glad I found Elty belt!" Jan 27, 2023

Tony Green 

“I love it! No more painful belt buckle digging into my belly!” Aug 15, 2022

The Better Belt for Bellies



The No-Rash Belt

Before we delve into all the details of a nickel allergy, we want to offer a quick solution for sufferers who have a rash located beneath the area that their belt buckle rests. While you wait to see your doctor, get an Elty Buckleless Belt.

It has no metal so if it is a nickel allergy you will thank us, if it's not you'll still feel better because you won't have a belt buckle rubbing against your rash!


The No-Pain Belt

Belts are a necessary accessory at least some of the time. However, for those with stomach problems like colitis, the use of traditional belts with buckles can create discomfort and potentially exacerbate existing health issues. In this blog post, we 'll explore the reasons why belts that press against your stomach can be problematic and why opting for a more comfortable alternative is crucial for overall well-being.


The Fewer-Germs Belt

Traditional belt buckles, with their intricate designs and moving parts, create a haven for germs and bacteria. Surfaces such as bathroom counters, restaurant tables, and doorknobs become potential sources of contamination, transferring these microbes onto our hands and, consequently, onto our belt buckles.

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