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Our extra-wide buckleless belt provides additional support, making it ideal for those who want more support from thier belt . You'll prefer the extra wide if you have lots of items in your pockets that can weigh down your pants or if you work at a job like plumbing, construction, or maintenance.  Many larger men also prefer the extra wide for extra comfort and support.


 The belt easily fits standard belt loops found on most jeans, although it may be too wide for certain dress or fashion pants.  This wider version of our acclaimed buckleless belt is specifically designed to keep your heavy pants securely in place without the need for a traditional buckle. Say goodbye to the discomfort and awkward bulges caused by standard belts. 


The Elty Buckleless Belt sets itself apart with numerous advantages. Enjoy unparalleled comfort without any pinching or gathering of fabric. The absence of a buckle means no unsightly bulge under shirts, maintaining a sleek, streamlined appearance. You can even wear this metal-free buckleless belt on flights through TSA without removing it for security 


The Elty Belt is your go-to accessory for achieving perfectly fitting jeans. It ensures a flat front, eliminates gaps at the back, and prevents baggy legs, offering a tailored look. Whether you're bending, crouching, or engaging in active pursuits like skateboarding, horseback riding, biking, or motorcycle riding, this belt ensures your comfort and freedom of movement without the annoyance of a catching or snagging buckle.


Crafted from a high-quality, elasticized material, the Elty Buckleless Belt offers seven inches of adjustability on each side, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit for a wide range of body types. This adjustability also means quick and easy bathroom breaks with no fumbling with buckles - a convenience you'll appreciate in your busy life.



Wide Buckleless Belt for Men

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This super adjustable Elty is made out of elasticized material with three inches of adjustability on each side for an easily customizable fit. 

  • We will issue a full refund for items returned within 30 days. Shipping not included.  

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