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Your Ultimate Travel Belt

Leave your Belt on Through TSA Security

Leave your Belt on Through TSA Security

Make travel easier and more comfortable with Elty, the men's travel belt and women's travel belt you can leave on through airport security.


Elty, The Buckleless Belt, has no metal because it has no buckle. Breeze through security with your belt on! The only buckle you should have to mess with when you are on an airplane is the one on your seatbelt.


Our buckleless belt, buy it here, is also comfortable to wear for long flights because there is no buckle to press into your belly when you sit for a long time. Plus, if you decide you want to loosen it while you travel, you can adjust it easily even while you are sitting with a seatbelt on.

Not all Buckleless Belts are Travel-Friendly

Don’t be fooled, not all buckleless belts are equal. Only Elty does not use snaps and metal clasps that can set off security alarms. Also, Elty is easily adjusted by hook and loop on both sides in front—other buckleless belts adjust with a metal hinge in the back—awkward and uncomfortable. So, make sure you are getting an authentic Elty buckleless, metal-free, TSA approved belt; click here to get yours. The belt that is so comfy you will probably forget you are wearing it.

Faster Airplane Bathroom Breaks


Another airplane plus with Elty, the buckleless belt, is that you don’t need to fasten and unfasten it to go to the toilet. No one wants to linger in an airplane toilet, where there is almost always a line. With an Elty buckleless belt, you just unzip, do what you need to do and refasten your pants. There is no buckle or other clasp to undo and redo. The same is true when you are traveling by car, train, boat, subway, bus... Anytime you want in and out of public bathrooms, outhouse, or cramped head fast—you want the Elty no-buckle belt, no-hassle belt!


Elty’s fast bathroom breaks are also an advantage when you are rushing between flights, when every second counts. It's the one thing that everyone reports after wearing an Elty buckleless belt. They unexpectedly love not having to unbuckle and buckle belts each time they use a bathroom. It is a much bigger time saver than anyone imagines it could be.

Elty, the Best Travel Belt

Add it all up: Look good wearing a belt that you can keep on through the airport security scanners, be more comfortable on your flight, get faster bathroom breaks, don’t scratch cars or other items with your belt buckle and don’t get snagged-up by your buckle.


All that makes Elty the perfect travel accessory for your next trip! Get yours today.


Travel is challenging and uncomfortable enough! We think the only buckle you should have to mess with when you are on an airplane or in a car is the one on your seatbelt.

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