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Unbuckle your life with ELTY, the buckle-less belt that does not bind or bulge like a traditional belt. Get the smooth look you want under tight shirts in front, while eliminating the sags and gaps you don’t want in back.<p>Get the buckleless belt that won’t pinch, catch on things, or restrict your movement. Elty gives you all the advantages of a traditional belt without the discomfort or bulky look.


Breathe deeply, relax fully and move freely without your pants sagging.  The adjustable Elty belt is made from elasticized material is 1.5 inches wide with several inches of adjustability on each side for a great, comfortable fit.


 Stop tugging pants up, get rid of holes in shirts caused by belt buckles. Losing weight? The adjustable Elty will help keep pants that are a little too big looking good. It's also perfect if you are between size or just can't find jeans that fit. If pants that fit in the the hips are too big in the waist you need Elty buckleless belt!


Adaptive: Anyone that has difficulty with the dexterity needed, or time required, latching or unlatching a belt. 

About our name:             Belt - Buckle = Elt 

                                           Elt + Yeah! = Elty 

Women's Buckleless Belt

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This super adjustable Elty is made out of elasticized material with three inches of adjustability on each side for an easily customizable fit. 

  • We will issue a full refund for items returned within 30 days. Shipping not included.  

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