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Belt Buckles Dirty Secret: They Collect Germs and Bacteria like E. Coli

Unbuckle the Germ Factor: The Clean Solution to Keep your Pants Up

Belts can be essential or fashionable but one thing they have all have in common: their buckles are germ carries. In this blog post, we delve into the dirty truth about traditional belt buckles and introduce a revolutionary solution – the Elty buckleless belt, which dose not have a buckle and does not have to be unfastened when you use the restroom or change clothing. It keep your pants securely in place, has the advantage of not bulging under shirts or jackets, and eliminates the risk of carrying around unwanted germs.

Man wearing belt bends over in pain holding stomach

The Dirty Secret About Belt Buckles

Traditional belt buckles, with their intricate designs and moving parts, create a haven for germs and bacteria. Surfaces such as bathroom counters, restaurant tables, and doorknobs become potential sources of contamination, transferring these microbes onto our hands and, consequently, onto our belt buckles.

How Belts and Bathrooms Work Together to Make you Sick

One of the causes of bacteria like E. coli (Escherichia coli) on belt buckles is a common bathroom habit. Normally a person fastens their belt buckles after using the bathroom before washing their hands. However, this seemingly harmless action, contributes to the spread of germs from contaminated surfaces to our belt buckles. Then when we touch them again, to adjust the buckle, at the end of our day to change clothes, or perhaps at the gym to change into workout clothes we are touching this contaminated surface again.

Unfortunately, if you wash your hands first and then buckle your belt you’ve just contaminated your clean hands. If you want to keep wearing belts with buckles, you need to wash your hands both before and after you fasten the buckle. You’ll also need to clean your belt buckle often with a germ-killing cleaner.

How Elty Buckleless Belts Solve the Germ-Problem with Belt Buckles

The Elty buckleless belt does not have to be undone to use the bathroom or to remove your pants so you touch it far less often. Many people have several Elty belts and just leave them attached to their pants all the time, even washing them with the pants. If you want more than one, you can save $5 off your order with this link and there’s always free shipping:

With its smooth and washable surface, Elty mitigates the germ spreading risk that belt

buckles create. Its innovative design attaching to belt loops on either side of your pants with a hook and loop (similar to VELCRO) closure system, eliminates the traditional buckle. Getting rid of nooks and crannies for germs to hide. This modern design not only ensures a secure fit but also makes for easy cleaning, as you can toss it in your washing machine. Elty is the stylish and practical solution for those who prioritize their health.

How Belt Buckles Add to the Health Risks of Travel

Most belt buckles are made out of metal and cannot pass through security detectors like those used by the TSA. This means that you have to take your belt off and put it back on while traveling, without the benefit of a sink to allow you to wash your hands.

Man puts belt back on after it has gone thorough airport security

You don’t want to get sick when you travel, and you want to be comfortable. Elty buckleless belts are metal free and there is no buckle to dig into your stomach when you are sitting for hours in a plane. Another benefit, whether you are traveling or doing your normal daily activities, is that bathroom breaks are faster with an Elty buckleless belt because you don’t have a buckle to fuss with.

Note: Car and airplane buckles also get very dirty. Clean them with portable wipes.

Reduce The Spread of Germs and Help Us all Stay Healthier with Elty

You only need to touch an Elty when you put the belt onto your pants. You don’t have to touch it again unless you want to transfer it to another pair of pants. You can even throw it in the washing machine and dryer with your pants.

Elty rarely needs to be adjusted because it is made of a stretch material that gives slightly, enough to make you comfortable when you sit. When you stand it gently snugs your pants back into place. Thus, offering a practical and stylish solution for the health-conscious individual who cringes at the idea of touching their buckle.

young woman sitting in rural environment with buckleless belt on.

In a world where hygiene is paramount, Elty buckleless belts step up to the plate, offering a solution that goes beyond style. Say goodbye to belt buckles and their dirty secret. Get rid of traditional belts and buckles and make the switch to Elty for a cleaner, more fashionable way to keep your pants in place. Unbuckle the germ factor and embrace a healthier, and stylish accessory for your wardrobe.

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