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Comparing Buckleless Belts: Which is Right for You

There are basically three popular types of buckleless belts in the market today. They are all designed to eliminate the bulge belt buckles make under tops and jackets and increase comfort by eliminating the pinch that can come from belts.

The Three Basic Buckleless Belt Styles:

Jeans on woman with a belt that encircles the loops and does no go in front of button
The ELty Buckleless Belt has a Simple Effective Design

The metal-free Elty buckleless belt comes in sizes from children's to XXX Lg.. Elty uses a hook and loop closure (similar to VELCRO® Brand) to attach to the front side belt loops. This innovative style has great ratings and is found on Etsy. It was the first of the buckleless belt designs and is still produced in the U.S. by the original creator and manufacturer.

Buckleless Belt that attached to the loops by snaps
Freebelt is a Style with Snaps Often Copied by Resellers

One-size only belts that attach to front side belt loops with snaps and have a metal adjuster in the back. There are many resellers of this type of generic belt. It seems to have originated with the brand Freebelt and if you choose to purchase this type we recommend them as most other brands are copy-cat resellers.

closeup of belt connecting side loops with front loops
BeltBro is a Brand Is a Brand that only Connects Side Loops

There is a third type made by BeltBro and duplicated by other resellers. This belt does not circle around the back of the body and only tightens the sides of the belt using front and side loops to tighten the pants at the waist. This belt is less effective for keeping pants up in the back and receives a slightly less favorable rating than the other types of buckleless belts.

For this article we are not including the types of belts that circle the entire waist and fasten with other methods than metal buckles. They existed before the invention of the true buckleless belt styles. The true buckleless belt does not require unfastening to get pants on or off and dose not bulge at all under shirts nor provide any constriction about the stomach.

Which Buckleless Belt is Right for You

Are all Buckle-free Belt Styles the Same

Both the Elty and Freebelt styles will:

  • Simplify Your Life: You’ll never have to undo your belt. People say they forget their wearing a belt. This is a time saver for bathroom breaks and essential if you camp or have other need to use outhouses.

  • Increase your Comfort: There are no buckles to dig into your stomach and no tightness around your belly. They are made with elasticized material that stretches as you move. You don’t have to worry about “Plumbers Crack” as your pants stay up in the back.

  • Make You Look Slimer: The no-buckle belts are flattering under tops. No matter how tight your top, there is no buckle to add bulk to your belly. The sides and back have a very low-profile.

  • Are Quality Made: Both Freebelt and Elty have are made of the highest quality materials. Elty is made in the U.S.

  • Have Sizes for Adults and Children: Both brands have buckleless belt sizes for children and adults. Children especially love not having to take off a belt to use the bathroom and enjoy not being constricted wearing a belt.

How do I Pick the Buckleless Belt Right for Me

woman looks confused at computer
How do You know Which Buckleless Style is Best for You

Despite their similarities there are a few key differences between Elty and Freebelt or it’s knockoffs.

  • Wear Belt Through Security Lines Including TSA: If you want a metal free belt that won’t set off alarms when you go though security lines choose Elty

  • Fits All—Really: If you are not an average size, you’ll want to choose Elty. They have sizes from XXSM to XXXLG. While the other style will adjust to fit most adults with the metal slider in the back. As we all know “One size fits All” only fits the most common size variations.

  • Ease of Adjustment: While both have some flexibility because of the elastic nature, you will still sometimes want to adjust your belt for added comfort, maybe you have a long flight or have eaten a big meal and you may want to loosen it, or you may find after pants are worn a few hours, they have stretched and you want to tighten the belt. It’s awkward to adjust the Freebelt style belt while you are wearing it as the metal slide is around your back. The Elty has extra inches adjustment similar to VELCRO® Brand on each side. You can tighten or loosen the belt simply without gymnastics.

  • Most Possible Comfort: Because Freebelt style belts are doubled up to

man relaxing on couch
Be Comfortable Live Unbuckled

where the slide adjusts, while Elty is only a single layer around the back and sides and there is no slide to dig into you.

  • Just One Belt: While Elty provides about 8 inches of adjustability for each size. The Freebelt style has an advantage here in that you can share it between sizes small and large.

  • Style: Snap Look or Simple Design: This is completely your choice—you may like the look of the snaps that go around loops or prefer the more seamless look of an Elty—your style, your choice. Freebelt also has more color choices than Elty.

  • Washing Instructions: Elty belts are often tossed in the washing machine and are fully machine wash and dry, elastic may not last as many years if a warm dryer is used. Many people buy several pairs and never take them off their pants just wash them on the pants. Other belts have leather or imitation leather and should not be machine washed.

Other common Questions or Concerns with Buckle-free belts:

Will Buckleless Belts Damage Pant Loops? While some people assume that

Man looks like he has questions--touching his glasses
Have Questions About Buckleless Belts?

belts that loop around beltloops might cause tears, many years of customer satisfaction show this is not the case. Especially jeans, khaki, and cotton blend pants have no problem supporting the tug of buckleless belt. They have extra layers of stitching to support the harshness of a leather belt. All polyester stretch pants and other very soft fabrics may not work as well with the belt is over-tightened.

How do I Choose My Size: There is just one size choice for Freebelt style belt, Elty belt gives size equivalency and recommends if you are between sizes, you buy the next largest.

Are Buckleless Belts Different for Men and Women: The belt design is unisex and is popular with both men and women, but the belts are often listed under men’s belts or women’s belts for ease of search.

How much do Buckleless Belts they cost? You know the saying, You get what you pay for--this is very true in this category. You can get belts that seem very cheap--and they are. For quality belts you will spend about $15-$25, but can often get free shipping or discounts up to 25% off.

Live Unbuckled

Whether you choose an Elty or a Freebelt, you have a nearly 100% chance of loving your choice. Five-star reviews abound for both. Many knock-off brands also get good reviews but having ordered several to test we have found the quality varies between the original creators of this innovative solution and those with knockoffs.

There are lots of advantages we haven't even mentioned--like buckleless belts

Man playing Guitar
Buckleless Belts Won't Scratch Guitars or Cars

won't scratch your car or guitar. They are great for people with arthritis, in casts, in wheelchairs, with down syndrome, as well as mountain bikers and skateboarders.

Enjoy living buckleless. You'll get freedom of movement, safety from plumbers crack, a slimer profile, faster bathroom breaks and can wear your belt in comfort through TSA. Life is good when you change from your old fashioned belt to a the very hip, comfortable and stylish buckleless belt.

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