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Why an Elty, The Buckleless Belt, is an Essential Travel Accessory.

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Travel is challenging and uncomfortable enough! We think the only buckle you should have to mess with when you are on an airplane or in a car is the one on your seatbelt.

Traveling is a Little Easier With the Right Accessories

Elty, the buckleless belt makes travel easier and more comfortable. Elty won’t set off alarms so it is the belt you can leave on through security.

Then comes the comfort factor. There is no buckle or strap to press into your belly when you sit for a long time. If you decide you want it loose while you travel you can adjust it easily even while you are sitting with a seatbelt on.

Not all Buckleless Belts are Travel-Friendly

But don’t be fooled not all buckleless belts are equal. Only Elty does not use snaps and metal clasps that can set off alarms. Also Elty is easily adjusted by hook and loop on both sides in front. Other buckle-less styles do not come in sizes like Elty does. The only way they can fit everyone is by doubling the belt back in itself and letting the buyer adjust it to fit with a metal catch in the back. Depending on your size, the belt is double for various lengths. You have to reach behind yourself and adjust it by unlatching, loosening or tightening, the looped portion of the belt and then locking the clamp back down. That’s not easy when you are sitting in an airplane or car seat! by contrast, your seat neighbors probably won’t even notice if you loosen or tighten your Elty. Besides Elty, The Buckleless Belt, is so comfy you probably won’t need to touch it at all—in fact you will probably forget you are wearing it.

Faster Bathroom Breaks on A Plane, Train, Boat or at a Gas Station

Man knocking on airplane bathroom door.
Faster Bathroom Breaks are Good for Everyone!

Another plus is that no one wants to linger in an airplane toilet. With a buckleless belt you just unzip do what you need to and refasten your pants. There is no buckle or other clasp to undo and redo. The same is true when you are traveling by car, train, boat, subway, want in and out of public bathrooms or cramped heads as fast as you can! The no-buckle belt is a no-hassle belt.

This is also an advantage when you are rushing between flights, trains...and every second counts. It's the one thing that everyone reports after wearing an Elty a while--they find they unexpectedly love not having to unbuckle and buckle belts each time they used a bathroom. It is a much bigger time saver than anyone imagines it could be.

Business Travelers Need a No-Buckle Belt

My boyfriend has an international startup business and he has dual English and German citizenship. Needless to say he travels a lot! He needs to be ready to get off an airplane go to a meeting and look sharp. He loves Elty, it gives him the tailored look he needs and the comfort.

When he’s traveling for fun he loves it because it does not catch on things as he is usually hauling stuff for both of us.

Easy Adjustment Means Your Unbuckled Without the Embarrassment of Unbuckling

I remember flying across country chatting with the women next to me about a variety of topics, including my new invention, Elty, the buckleless belt. As we all stood to disembark a man several seats ahead was started refastening his belt, which was hanging open, he was obviously embarrassed as the whole aisle was watching him. My new friend called out over the heads now lined up between us. “He needs your buckleless belt.” If you have made it to the end of this blog post you deserve a reward to make your next trip more comfortable. Use the code FLY15 for 15 percent off your Elty belt purchase. At at or at,


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