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The 3 Biggest Reasons You Want a Buckleless Belt

Updated: Feb 6

Reason 1) Most Comfortable Belt:

Elty buckleless belts are known for their comfort. They don't have rigid buckles or metal parts that can dig into your waist or abdomen, which can be particularly uncomfortable when sitting for extended periods. The flexibility of the material allows for natural movement and less constriction.

Reason 2) No Show Belt makes You (and especially your butt) Look Better:

Going without a belt, often

a diverse group of people from a little girl 5 years old, her mom, a skateboarder, person on crutches, beautiful young woman, beautiful middle aged woman, and more
Find Out Why Do So Many Different People Wear Buckleless Belts

means saggy pants and can even mean your butt crack is showing when you are bending. Belts keep men and women's pants where they should be and butt-hugging pants doing their job to show off your booty. Some times you just want to wear a top or jacket without the bulge of buckle underneath, sometimes you want to wear super low Hip-huggers without any rear concerns, sometime

s you want ot tuck your top into your Elty, sometimes you want a belt with unisex, minimalist, or contemporary appeal. A buckleless belt can be a subtle and stylish addition to your outfit.

Reason 3) The Belt you can Leave on for TSA:

No metal means you won’t have to take your Elty buckleless belt off to get through airport security! Other brands of buckleless belts do have metal. You’ll also be more comfortable without a buckle when you are sitting on a flight for a long time.

Those are the three biggest reasons for wearing a buckleless belt-- here are a bunch more:

4) Most Adjustable Belt

Buckleless belts are made from an elasticized material and are also adjustable. Elty has at lease 7 inches of adjustability. This feature is especially helpful if your weight tends to fluctuate or if you're in between belt holes on a traditional belt. You can fasten your buckleless belt to the precise level of tightness that you find most comfortable, and if you suddenly bend or crouch, it still won't bind it will give you a little stretch

5) Versatility

Our buckleless belts have a simple, minimalistic design that lays flat against your body. This makes them versatile and easy to pair with a wide range of outfits, including dresses, skirts, and pants. They provide a streamlined and unobtrusive look, which can be desirable in various fashion contexts.

6) No Bulge or Gap

Traditional belts with buckles can sometimes create a bulge or gap at the front, which may not be aesthetically pleasing, particularly with snug-fitting clothing. Buckleless belts eliminate this issue, providing a smoother and more streamlined appearance.

Invisible Under Clothing: Due to their low-profile design, Elty buckleless belts are ideal for outfits where you don't want the belt to be visible, such as under a blazer, cardigan, or fitted shirt.

Special Considerations from Broken Arms to Metal Allergies:

  • Recent or chronic problems with grip, dressing, etc.… from broken arms to arthritis, Elty buckleless belts make life easier!

  • No Metal Detector Hassles: If you frequently pass through metal detectors, whether for travel, play, school, or work, an Elty buckleless belt can save you the hassle of removing your belt each time you go through security. You’ll love it when you are flying!

  • If you have stomach issues that increase with pressure on your stomach. Elty won’t aggravate the problem like traditional belts.

  • If you have a metal allergy—no metal, no allergic reaction

  • Skateboarders: Better than a shoelace—keep your pants up while still having freedom of movement—live Buckle free.

The Hottest Belt for 2024: From Comfort Seekers to Fashionistas

Buckleless belts are essential for anyone looking for increased comfort or to look better in their jeans, shorts, suit pants... It's hard to think of anyone that wouldn't want at least one buckleless belt in their wardrobe. Now with sizes from kids to XXX Lg, there is an Elty Buckleless Belt for everyone. From break dancers that don't want to show a crack, to 90 year old's that still want to wear pants that are not elastic, we've got you. Live Unbuckled: it's more fun!

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